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P+7 Scholarship Project

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Through benefactors Freundeskreis Umoja e.V. - Friends of Umoja (FKU), the school initiated a scholarship programme in 2017 dubbed P+7 for young girls from vulnerable families joining Grade One, taking 20 girls a year. In any circumstance that sponsors exceed 20 supporters for a given year; the excess is assigned to boys from humble backgrounds.

The beneficiaries have to sign an agreement alongside their parents of not getting the girls to undergo FGM, early marriage and practicing other retrogressive cultural practices. Today the project boasts of supporting and protecting 79 girls and in addition 7 boys as multipliers for the outlawing of FGM in their families

About Umoja Uaso Women Group

In 1990, 15 women formed and registered the Umoja Uaso Women's Group with the then Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Social Services to address these issues. They started by selling beadwork and other goods. After facing threats from men jealous of their success, the members decided to found a women-only village and reside together.

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