Umoja Campsite sitting on a 14-acre land along Waso River is an economic enterprise of Umoja Uaso Women Group bolstering its economic situation by accruing from the tourism business. It is established with 12 self-contained cottages that can accommodate 30 pax, commodious camping space for an unlimited number of people, bar and restaurant, ample parking, and a well-equipped kitchen. A good deal of budget-friendly rates are offered; it is 1.1 KMS from Archer's Town/Isiolo-Marsabit tarmac highway.













Umoja Campsite Ariel View
Umoja Campsite Ariel View


The campsite section of Umoja, sits on a 14-acre land along the famous Ewaso Ng'iro River; the opposite side of the River is Buffalo Springs National Reserve. Samburu National Reserve Main Gate is just a stone-throw 2KMS away. The camp area is unique in the dry-lands landscape; covered with thick naturally growing indigenous evergreen bush along its property offering a perfect hideout for holiday reconnecting with nature. Cottages are individually tucked within pockets in the bush maximizing privacy unit-by-unit; likewise to camping spaces. This surrounding coupled with the river are the strengths that the camp stands on. In Umoja Campsite open view, you can sight movement of wildlife at a distance in Buffalo Springs National Reserve. The camp is connected to National Grid Power and operates its own borehole ensuring an adequate supply of water.


The reception functions round the clock. Either you want to have a meal, relax, or arrange a business meeting; you may do this at the restaurant.

  • Recreation in the River Bed

    Recreation in the river bed

  • .

  • Umbrella Shade

    Umbrella Shade

  • Open View

  • Open View

    Open View

  • Blazing Bonfire

    Blazing Bonfire

  • Ample Parking

    Ample Parking

  • Parking 2

  • National Grid Power

    The camp is connected to National Grid Power supply


12 self-contained and well-serviced cottages are available that can host a maximum of 30 pax. The camping ground is commodious and can host an unlimited number of people. The cottages are in the shape of round and cubbed bandas. We have the following categories of beds arrangement:-

1. Single Banda (1 pax)

2. Double Banda (2 pax)

3. Family Banda (7 pax)

A third bed can be added to double banda with special arrangements with management.


Samburu is teeming with wildlife. You will be treated to Amazing Samburu Special Five; Beisa Oryx, Reticulated Giraffe, Somali Ostrich, Grevy's Zebra, the Gerenuk and much more . . . Special Five are found in Northern parts of Equator and majorly, in Samburu

  • Gerunuk

    Gerenuk - Member of Samburu Special Five

  • Somali Ostrich

    Somali Ostrich - Member of Samburu Special Five

  • Beisa Oryx

    Beisa Oryx - Member of Samburu Special Five

  • Reticulated Giraffe

    Reticulated Giraffe - Member of Samburu Special Five

  • Grevy's Zebra

    Grevy's Zebra - Member of Samburu Special Five

  • Herd of elephants

    Elephants crossing the river from Buffalo Springs National Reserve to Samburu National Reserve

  • Herd of elephants 2

  • SNR Archer's Main Gate

    Samburu National Reserve Main Gate

  • Game Drive

    Game drive in Samburu National Reserve

  • Game Vehicle

    The camp hires game vehicle

  • Lions

    Lions in Samburu National Reserve

  • Leopard

    Leopard in Samburu National Reserve


Diversification of the country's tourism product from wildlife and beach-based attractions to include diverse aspects of Kenya peoples' culture. Ways of life, customs, religion, art, and handcrafts, among others is key to expand a guest's understanding of local setup with nature. Umoja Camp offers an option to visit Umoja Uaso Women Group cultural village where the ladies reside depending largely on village guests' visit. The village is walking distance adjacent to the camp.


The following are our rates in the Year 2023-24 going forward in KES:

1. Single Bed Full Board 5,000/-, Half Board 4,000/-

2. Meals

            a. Breakfast 500/- PP
            b. Lunch/Dinner 1,000/- PP
            c. Beer 500ML 280/-
            d. Can Beer 500ML 300/-
            e. Soda 300ML 100/-
            f. Water 1L 100/-

3. Game Vehicle

      a. Half Day $100

      b. Full Day $200

4. Village Entry 1,000/- PP

5. Bonfire 1,000/- per group; cultural dance 500/- per dancer


Other suggested activities whilst staying in the camp can be like:-

1. Mountain hiking in Ololokwe (18 KMS away on tarmac highway)

2. Nature walk

3. Reteti Elephants Sanctuary visit (91 KMS, 68 KMS on the tarmac, and 23 KMS on the loose surface road)

4. Sera Rhino Sanctuary Visit (about 130 KMS all on the loose surface road) 

5. Team Building

6. Volunteering in Umoja Academy

7. Volunteering in Umoja Uaso Women Group village e.g. huts repair, fetching wood fuel, herding goats.

  • Sunrise

    River - Sunrise at Umoja Campsite

  • River Front

    Umoja Campsite River front

  • Moran

    Samburu Moran 

  • River Along

    River along

  • Dry Season

    Dry season

  • Rainy Day

    Rainy day

  • Elephants Crossing

    Elephants crossing river from Buffalo Springs National Reserve to Samburu National Reserve


Booking Information

Umoja Campsite


Mob No.: +254(0) 721 659 717, +254(0) 724 344 490


Write us an E-mail on the form provided. Once your notification of booking is confirmed on E-mail, you will be required to pay 50% in advance to secure your booking.

We take this amazing opportunity to be here with us and we would like to say a goodbye wishing to see you Cheers!!!

About Umoja Uaso Women Group

In 1990, 15 women formed and registered the Umoja Uaso Women's Group with the then Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Social Services to address these issues. They started by selling beadwork and other goods. After facing threats from men jealous of their success, the members decided to found a women-only village and reside together.

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