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Gardens for food security

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Umoja Uaso Women Group ladies are diversifying economic alternatives from just livestock rearing and tourist beaded jewelry business. Livestock keeping is susceptible to diseases, drought and insecurity through cattle raids. By trying their hands in gardening, it provides enough for all the villages households as well as access to balance diet. A variety of vegetables and fruits are cultivated that is enough to provide the school with fresh farm produce and the surplus is sold to consumers seeking farm fresh vegetables


In Archer's Post, Samburu where Umoja Village is situated, it is located in semi-arid area that does not support farming, but with our borehole water, we undertake drip irrigation to grow crops.

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About Umoja Uaso Women Group

In 1990, 15 women formed and registered the Umoja Uaso Women's Group with the then Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Social Services to address these issues. They started by selling beadwork and other goods. After facing threats from men jealous of their success, the members decided to found a women-only village and reside together.

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